Travel Planning Services


Why I am not a 'Travel Agent' but a Professional Travel Planner:

The term 'travel agent' often brings to mind someone that simply books and collects the money, like a cashier or a call center operator. This type of relationship may work for some, however most travelers rely on a solid professional relationship to derive the most enjoyment from their hard earned vacation time and money. By learning about your 'travel style', likes, dislikes, needs and budget I am able to create customized vacation experiences for you time and time again.

Why you will enjoy working with me:

I thrive on experiencing new cultures and destinations. As much as I enjoy experiencing them first hand, I also enjoy helping others, just like you, to do the same! Your vacation will be handled as if it was my own. Your vacation details such as airport transfers and private tours will be reviewed and I have been known to check things out first hand prior to your arrival! As a client of Paradise Travel Professionals, you can relax knowing that you may contact me for assistance if you just need a hotel for cousin Jenny's graduation or that tour of Costa Rica you have been dreaming of.

Certified US Virgin Islands Specialist

Building a relationship with each client is extremely important to me. I listen to your concerns and suggestions. As the cost of travel continues to rise, planning a great vacation within budget and time constraints becomes more important than ever. My goal is to create a personalized vacation experience within the parameters you set. My specialties, which you may find enticing, include unique cruise vacations, soft adventure travel and enriching vacations where you learn about new cultures, history and exotic destinations. Check out the testimonial page to learn what my travelers have to say!

Certified Puerto Rico Travel Expert

What does it cost to work with a Professional Travel Planner?

Many people have heard that it costs more to use a travel professional but that simply is not true. 


Recently, an online agency booked a cruise to South America out of Florida for thousands of dollars per person and several guests didn't read the fine print that stated a Visa was required for specific countries. These guests were left standing on the pier in Florida as their ship sailed away without them. Sadly, they probably thought they had scored a 'deal' by not using an individual travel planner but it cost them much more because neither the agency or cruise line assumed any fault in the matter. Unfortunately they lost their money and missed an amazing vacation. 


As a Professional Travel Planner I have a vested interest in your happiness and keep that feeling foremost when working with you. Just like any other professional, I charge a consultation fee to begin the process. That fee is applied to any bookings you make within a specified length of time so you are actually out zero additional money when you decide to book your vacation with me. I am available via email, text message, phone, Skype, social media and face to face consultations.

Everyone has a different level of interest in planning their own vacations. Some choose to take complete control of the process and yet others simply want to know where to be and when to be there. I try to offer travel planning services for every level of vacationer.


Certified Dive Specialist