Boneyard Beach...more inviting than it sounds

On the north end of Big Talbot Island you will find the turn off to The Bluffs right before crossing over to Amelia Island.  We love this park and never miss a chance to stop for a picnic and photo op down on Boneyard Beach!  As you drive back, you can't help but marvel at the dense canopy of live oaks that tangle around you.  

The Live Oaks create an almost eerie feel

Be prepared, your first instinct will be to jump out and start snapping pictures but it is difficult for a camera to capture the sense of wonder you feel just being part of this otherworldy landscape.

The canopy is amazing

There is a pavillion where you can stop for a quick bite before you head off down the trail to explore the shoreline.  There is also a platform that offers a great view of the beach if you are not inclined to hike down for a close up view or you have to consider mobility issues.  The trail starts of wide and smooth but eventually narrows and can get a little tricky (not impossible) to navigate for anyone not used to hiking.  

You will see paths along the way where people have just left the trail and slid, ran or possibly rolled down the bank to the beach.  Be warned: there is NO designated area to access the beach, you're kind of on your own to judge your athletic ability in getting up and down the bank to the beach.  You choose an area that you feel you'll be least likely to roll down and go for it.  Just have to get back up there to get to your car!  

Luckily this park is frequently visited so there are plenty of paths to choose from that previous visitors have made.  Some are just a little more challenging than others.

Congratulations!   You made it down and hopefully your descent will not end up as a viral video on the internet.  

Now you can truly marvel at these beautiful formations and selfie yourself silly if that is your thing.  It's usually very quiet without a lot of people wondering around so you don't feel rushed or "on display" as you tap into your inner child and marvel at it all.  

I think the easiest way to get to Boneyard Beach is to take Heckscher Drive off of I-295 in Jacksonville toward Amelia Island.   The drive alone is worth it with plenty of places to stop and explore along the way.  If you're coming from downtown Jax be prepared for it to be a little chillier than it was in town so you may want to bring a sweater if it is winter time.

 I hope you enjoyed my photos and if you've visited Boneyard Beach let me know what you thought about it!